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The Varvažov Cross - the oldest monument to the battles of Chlumec, Přestanov and Varvažov in 1813

The cross was erected by Franz Hanschel, a farmer from Varvažov, on his land in 1808, but unfortunately it is not known what motivation led him to build it. The building is interesting for its use of two types of sandstone - the lower part is made of coarse-grained sandstone from a local quarry and shows fossilized shells. The upper half was made from the finer Mšené sandstone.

During the battles the cross was damaged by gunfire - the lower part remained standing, but the upper part collapsed. It was rebuilt in the same year as the Prussian monument and the post office building. However, even since then the cross has not had its peace.

In the 1970s a tractor crashed into it and the structure collapsed and disappeared. In 2008, fishermen from Varvažov, with the then tenant of the Bažina bistro Miloš Zlatohlávek, cleaned the ravine behind the Prussian monument and found a pile of worked sandstone blocks, but no one knew where the stones came from, because at that time even the museum of Ústí nad Labem did not have photographs of the stone cross. It was not until 2015 that photographs were obtained from private collectors and the sandstone blocks were identified. However, the other half of the cross was still missing. It was found later, but badly damaged, under the rubble in the church of St. Joseph in Telnice. The cross was restored by the stonemason Josef Sotona from Mnichov near Luční Chvojno after consultation with the National Heritage Institute in Ústí nad Labem at the expense of the municipality of Telnice.

The photograph of the Cross dates from 1936



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